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Volunteerism is a form of civic engagement in which men and women can dedicate their time and resources to a cause outside of themselves. It takes several forms and requires several skills sets, with a wide array of personal and community benefits.


There are several benefits to volunteerism. It allows volunteers to connect to others, and to their own minds and bodies. It counteracts feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety. Volunteerism permits personal growth and has the potential to advance personal careers. It brings fulfillment to those engaged, and provides a sense of purpose.


Although each of these is universal, there are especially important implications for those who are young and make the decision to volunteer. Studies suggest that volunteering correlates with a reduction in high-risk behavior, course failure, suspension, and academic dropout. This permits heightened success and academic growth and development.


On a personal level, volunteerism improves social relationships and self-perception in young people, improving their overall well-being and confidence. Service and volunteerism also correlate with diminished feelings of alienation, better youth-adult relationships, increased self-acceptance, and improved moral development. These volunteers are also more likely to take responsible action.


Each of these benefits pertains to every young volunteer, regardless of background or belief. Anyone can volunteer and develop healthy relationships, self-perception, and success.


Departments are interested in young volunteers. Research shows that young people have innovative ideas and challenge traditional methods and thinking. There is a large outlet through media, where young volunteers find several outlets in order to volunteer.


There are positions ready for both fire and EMS, and departments are eager to meet new recruits. College students and young adults can make the decision to volunteer within local departments.


So, what is stopping you?


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